Canvas - Owl

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Painted by Lee-Anne Peters
11 June 2017
Watercolour on canvas - lightly sealed with a matt varnish
Ready to hang.
Size: 40cm x 30cm (portrait)
Canvas frame Depth: 3.5cm
Weight: 468g
Shipping weight: under 1kg
Price: $80 AUD (approx US$59) plus shipping (see below)
Owl teaches you how to pay attention to the signs and the subtle movements in your life. It is the symbol of wisdom, being psychic and being patient. Owl inspires stealth, silence and power in the night hours. Please google - Owl animal totem - for more general information about owl as a totem. This painting has a second small owl in the background - this is an onlooker - an owl who is learning from observing others. Ready to hang. Secured with picture hanging wire, this piece is ready to hang straight on your wall.


This item is over 500g - medium parcel


Shipping in Australia (domestic) - $14.00 AUD

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Shipping to Asia / New Zealand (airmail) - $29.44 AUD

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Shipping to the USA / Canada (airmail) - $34.38 AUD (approx $27 USD)

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Shipping to the rest of the world (airmail) - $46.92 AUD

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