Drawing Original - Flamingos

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Drawn by Lee-Anne Peters (L.Willson)
January 2017
soft pastel & charcoal on paper
Size: 64cm x 51cm (landscape)
Weight: 455g

Sale Price: $120 AUD (approx US$90) plus shipping (see below) in postal tube

The Flamingo is an interesting totem, and one which may inspire you to explore how you feel and become more comfortable in the realm of your emotions. Flamingos are sociable birds, encouraging you to reach out, step out and also to hold true to yourself in group situations.

This drawing represents a flock of Flamingos, with added focus on the two 'whose eyes met.' They seem expressionless, yet their eyes locked into each others - noticing the uniqueness and individuality personality of each other. They stretch out their necks to communicate and interact. They may judge each other - one may want to kick the other out of the group for being outspoken, different or because he doesn't fit into the mould.

The symbol in the lower left corner is like a zoomed in version of the background Flamingos' legs. Thus highlighting the journey through friendships, relationships and group situations. Are you 'walking in?' or 'walking out?' Is this situation holding you back? Are you being yourself around others? There is a lot to ponder when dealing with such a challenge.

MESSAGE FOR YOU - FLAMINGO has danced forward into your life today to highlight friendships, relationships and group situations, and to look honestly at how they may be affecting you at this time. When you've reached a point in a connection like this which is weighing you down or you are dragging your feet - it may be worth looking at what you need to do to reignite the passion or step away from the connection. Most importantly, ensure you are being yourself in such settings to ensure you're not 'following the pack' and therefore changing who you really are.

Prints are available - email mail@templeofbalance.com to request affordable list of various sizes.

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

From Temple of Balance


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