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Colourful and highly energetic HEALING drawing just for you! Includes your own symbol / coding to assist you!

Includes: Drawing, Info about your guide / drawing (now coming via an audio recording) and a .pdf doc to help you get the most out of your drawing.
Current waiting time: 3-4 weeks
Exchange: AU$174 (approx USD$127) plus shipping (see below)


Lee-Anne began drawing to prompt healing in 2005. At that time this drawing  service was included in her ‘28 day healing program’ which is no longer available. This same sort of ART is what you can enjoy within Lee-Anne’s Healing Energy Cards too.

Being highly sensitive to energy and extremely visual Lee-Anne has the ability to tap into your energy when permission is given to bring forth your drawing from your soul. It will highlight areas within your being that may benefit from being enhanced. They can also help you release, let go, move forward, follow your calling, may assist with ailments - especially on an emotional level.

There is incredible opportunity within this piece of art drawn just for you. This service is not for the faint hearted - only for those who seriously wish to move forth and face parts of themselves for integration, healing and moving into wholeness.

You can trust that your drawing will be just what you require at that moment in your life.  Your drawing will remain helpful to you on an ongoing basis. As you grow, heal, and awaken, the drawing will begin reflecting different and new potentials to you.

Think of it like having your own personal Healing Energy Card!

All Healing Art drawings include a unique symbol for you to work with - this will help you unlock aspects within yourself for healing and awakening.

Lee-Anne uses standard art paper and soft pastels for your drawing.


You Receive:

A Full colour 64cm x 51cm Using soft pastels, full of colour and love. Your drawing may include: beings, animals, objects etc and may include a symbol for you to work with. Included is a 5-15 min audio recorded information about your drawing with guidance to help you - sent to you as a link to listen or download. Your drawing may be finished in a live video stream on my Temple of Balance Facebook Page - if you do not want this, please let us know when booking. Each drawing is unique and drawn straight for the person Lee-Anne is connecting with.


Lee-Anne Requires:

Your full name, date of birth, specify area of most concern (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and your postal address.

Your drawing will arrive in a postal tube.

One caution: your drawing will need to be handled carefully, and may need to be stored in a frame, to avoid smudging.

To order - purchase above. Prices in Australian dollars.


Another example of some healing art drawn for someone recently:

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