Shamanic Drum - Butterfly

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Shamanic Drum - Butterfly
Honouring the energies which make this drum is: the movement of the kangaroo, and the slow growth of the Tasmanian Huon Pine tree. The Butterfly inspires transformation, coming out of hiding and beauty.
The BUTTERFLY is a symbol of transformation and change. Reminding us that change can be beautiful, freeing and uplifting. Butterfly contains a delicacy, which also brings with it strength in freedom.
This painting is of a purple Butterfly - thus the feeling of this drum helping its keeper lift up, reconnect and transform in spiritual avenues is likely.
There is much freedom, growth and reconnection in the energy of this drum.
The Kangaroo's wisdom can help you move forward in your life, taking leaps when necessary. Kangaroo may teach about balance, cooperation and being aware.
Please allow the above information to be a starting point for your own personal exploration and connection with your Shamanic Drum. Through meditation and playing your drum more information, wisdom and support will arise when you're ready to work the information.
DRUM: Handmade by Mike Maddock from Kindred Drums, Tasmania
ART: Hand painted by Lee-Anne Peters from Temple of Balance, Tasmania
HOW TO USE THE DRUM: It is designed to be held at the back of the drum, in the 'donut' section with your less dominant hand, and then played using the sheepskin beater in your other, dominant hand. Find your beat, and listen to the sounds made. You will find that your drum has 'sweet spots' which will be nice to work on as you play. You can work the entire surface of the drum as you play it. You can drum quite loudly, or softly, quickly, slowly or in a specific rhythm that you like at the time. Your drum can be used for grounding, meditating, room or house clearing, connecting with nature, letting go, music or song, to get to know yourself and much more. Playing with it often and treating it as a living being will help you have many decades of sacred connections with your drum.
DRUM DETAILS (Mike Maddock):
Size: 15 1/2 inches or 39.5cm (diameter)
Depth: 3 inches or 7.5cm
Weight (drum only): 602g
Drum Skin: Kangaroo (note: animal was not killed for its skin. Skin seen as a way to honour the spirit of the animal)
Hoop Frame Timber: Tasmanian Huon Pine
Donut Timber: Tasmanian Huon Pine (Donut, is grip on inside of the drum to hold when playing)
BEATER DETAILS (Mike Maddock):
Length: 13.5inches or 34cm
Timer: Tasmanian She-oak
Beater: Sheepskin
Paint: Watercolour / Acrylic
Price: AUD$430 plus shipping (see below) - approx USD$327
(Australians can also purchase through bank transfer - please contact us)
No holds - no payment plan available on drums.
important - DRUM CARE: Your Kindred Drum has been made with great love and attention to detail.
Because the materials from which it is made are all natural, this information is to let you know how to look after it.
There are two things that your drum won’t like:-
Dampness – Store your drum in a dry place.  If it does get wet, perhaps due to rain, wipe it dry as soon as possible.  Then let the skin completely dry before playing it.
High Temperature – Avoid exposing your drum to excessive heat..
Don’t leave it in direct sunlight.
Don’t leave it in the car for long periods of time, especially on hot days.
It is quite natural for the tone of your drum to change slightly.  Accept this as part of owning something made of natural materials.  If the sound is too high, a spray a small amount of water to the inside of the drum skin (not on the painted area).  If the tone is too low, let it warm slowly in a warm room and it will give you many years of exciting drumming.
Play your Kindred Drum with love and enjoy the wonderful sound that it makes.
(this information is included with each drum)


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