Book - Aligning with the Speed of Light

Aligning with the Speed of Light: A Guide to Ascension

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

It’s time to get up to Speed; and Align with the Speed of Light! Aligning with the Speed of Light was created to help you get into Absolute Alignment!
Aligning with the Speed of Light is written by Lee-Anne Peters; Visionary Artist, Motivational Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Radio Host and the Author of Temple of Balance the book. Aligning with the Speed of Light is packed to the brim with Truth and Integrity, while magically interwoven with Love. Lee-Anne reminds us that we all have the ability to ascend in this lifetime as she offers practical ways to help you remain centered and balanced during the present time on Earth.
An easy-to-understand book covering fascinating topics such as:
* Time acceleration and the end of Karma!
* Activating your heart while balancing your chakras!
* Tapping into the Universal Mind.
* The Ascension of Humans & the earth!
* The veil covering truth is uplifted!
* Learn how to work with Ascension symptoms, while activating your lightbody!
* Connect with the stars and the Gateway 11:11!
* Claiming your place within Unity Consciousness.
* Great exercises to help you and so much more...
If you have been searching for help to understand more about Ascension and healing, while maintaining your personal power and truth, then 'Aligning with the Speed of Light' is a great place to find the wisdom you may have been craving.

Author: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 2011
Price: AU$24.95 (plus shipping - see below)
Weight: 270g (total 300g with packaging)
ISBN: 9780987070814
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance


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