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Affirmations - encouraging you to smile, heal & awaken
200+ affirmations
Written by Lee-Anne Peters
"I allow things to move at their own pace today."
Join Temple of Balance founder Lee-Anne Peters as she brings her 7th paperback book to you. A book literally FULL of affirmations that inspire you to think and shift stagnant energy within your body, mind, emotions and life.
'Affirmations' is a collection of some of Lee-Anne's popular and most heart-touching intentions from her online community.
This is a fantastic book for you if you want a 'pick me up', some inspiring words to help you self heal, or just for some good old-fashioned positivity in your life!
Author: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 2014
Price: AU$10.50
Weight: 109g
ISBN: 9781495303081
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance

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