Book - Atlantis

Atlantis: a return home

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

"Our One Soul danced with Hearts United. Our star fragmented selves - alerted of our union - became Activated."
Set in Atlantis, this compelling story captures the life of Alantra - a Healing Priestess who was the last priestess to serve within the Temple of Balance before Atlantis became a forgotten memory.
Follow Alantra on her journey of discovery, initiation and self exploration as she interacts with her elemental friends, spirit animals, a Fire Being, the Hermit and ultimately comes face to face with her Twin Flame Aros.
A novel of intimacy, joy and balance as Alantra and Aros come together for their first lifetime on Earth. Alantra - a colour loving and highly intuitive woman shares this story from her viewpoint to help those who are ready to remember.
A book like no other which inspires, reveals and brings the reader into Alantra’s journey from her conception to her departure from the fair land of Atlantis.

Author: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 2014
Price: AU$24.95 (plus shipping - see below)
Weight: 429g (total 445g with packaging)
ISBN: 9781499128918
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance

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