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Meditation: Simple & Effective - Enjoy more worry free days

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

Have you tried meditation before but put it in the TOO HARD basket? Are you experiencing added stress in your life? Perhaps your worries are getting the better of you? Would you like to feel more connected?

“Practicing meditation over the years has helped me build my strength of mind, focus and clarity. It’s through meditation that I have learned who I am, where I want to be and how to get there.” ~ says author Lee-Anne Peters
Meditation: Simple & Effective is a practical book that can shift your life into one of more meaning, clarity, connection and focus! This book includes:
* Over 15 easy-to-do meditation exercises
* How stress may affect you & the benefits of meditation
* Simple mind calming techniques & learning how to remove distractions
* Overcoming meditation setbacks
* Helping your children meditate
* Resources including access to free meditations!

Your author is known for her life changing meditations and practical approach that anyone can understand! Lee-Anne Peters is the author of five paperbacks including From Lack to Abundance and artist / creator of two card decks including Healing Energy Cards.

Lee-Anne created this book to help you see just how simple and effective meditation can be. Delving honestly into typical excuses and realizing that you can begin your meditation regime immediately is something Lee-Anne inspires for you in Meditation: Simple & Effective. Start your meditation experience today!

Author: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 2013
Price: AU$14.95(plus shipping - see below)
Weight: 114g (total 130g with packaging)
ISBN: 9780987070876
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance



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