Ceramic - Inspirational Magnets

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Ceramic - Inspirational Magnet varieties


This bundle consists of various inspirational and stamped tiles with a very good quality magnet on the back of each. Magnets are 20mm across and 3mm deep of strong grade (pull strength of 810g).

These are great to use as reminders on your fridge, hold as a talisman (for protection, a token of your love to your child for comfort etc), giveaway as an encouragement gift, to place on your alter or power place, house decoration, admire on your windowsill or in your plants or garden.

These pieces are handmade from terracotta earthenware clay. They've been fired to bisque and glaze firing as is standard for this type of clay. They've been stamped with their word, hand etched and glazed in honey glaze. All handmade by Lee-Anne from her studio in Tasmania, Australia.

Ceramics are breakable - although quite durable they can chip or break if dropped or treated roughly.


Approx - H. 0.5cm x W: 5cm x D: 5cm (see image)

Individual Weight: approx 33g (with magnet)

Shipping Weight - total: 400g (with packaging)

Price of the whole bundle (plus shipping - see below):
* $40 AUD (approx $30 USD)

*please note: some reflections, darkness are observed from the photo. some reflections may not be present in person. The magnet photo may be different to what the back of yours looks like.

Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance


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