Ceramic - pendant - Raku crackle

*RAKU CRACKLE* hand crafted ceramic pendant

handmade - one of a kind


Hours after I pulled these out of my Raku gas kiln, there was a fire which burned down my workshop with this particular kiln, my electric kiln, glazes etc all destroyed. Therefore these Raku Crackle pendants are the very last pieces I made and fired - until I can rebuild and set myself up again in the next 6-12 months. These pendants are very special to me, and are an important symbol of my last 3.5yrs of making ceramics from home, and now the closing of that chapter before a new one begins. It may be several years before I have a Raku kiln again. - Lee-Anne


This piece was handmade with Stoneware clay and a pattern imprinted into the clay using various tools and impressions. It has been kiln fired at bisque, and then Raku fired in my Raku gas kiln to 1000*C, before being plunged into combustible organic materials to create a crackling effect on the glazed area and a blackened effect on the unglazed areas (back) - as per usual with this sort of technique (Raku). 

It is attached to the cord using sturdy stainless steel jump rings..

Ceramics are breakable, however this piece is strong and unless dropped hard or smashed, it will stay intact.

Hung on a black or white plaited synthetic leather cord of 3mm with clasp, adjusts to 49cm.

*optional cord options:
- extra 10cm of length (white or black only) - $10 AUD
- extra 10cm of length (white or black only) & sterling silver (only suitable if want to wear in water) clasps - $20 AUD
(please inform upon first email if you wish to change cord)

H. 4cm x W: 3.5cm x D: 0.5cm

Weight: 11g (rounded to 100g to allow for packing)

Colour: White crackle glaze.

Price (Includes shipping worldwide):
 $55 AUD (approx $38 USD) - ship included.

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED - WE WILL SHIP THIS TO YOU WORLDWIDE. AUD$50 of this sale will go directly into Lee-Anne's kiln savings account - to go towards the rebuilding of her kiln and supplies. Thank you for your help, we trust you enjoy wearing your special pendant.

*please note: some reflections, darkness are observed from the photo. some reflections may not be present in person.

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