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*Clear Quartz and Stilbite Specimens*


Clear Quartz: is a great general propose crystal to work with. As a programmable crystal it is suited for most tasks and is a common “go to” crystal for healers and readers alike. Clear quartz can enhance and amplify the energy of other crystals near it. They work very well in crystal grids and as a focal point for meditation.


Stilbite: Stilbite is a highly creative stone that opens the intuition and carries a loving and supportive vibration in any endeavour. It grounds spiritual energy and helps to manifest intuitive thought into action on the physical place. Stilbite aids spiritual journeying, protecting and maintaining physical contact while travelling. The stone gives guidance and direction throughout the journey, no matter where the destination may lie. It aids travelling to the upper spiritual realms and bringing back the conscious memory of one’s experiences there.


Weight: 154g (rounded to 194g to allow for packing)


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