Crystal - Moss Agate and Quartz bundle

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*Moss Agate and Quartz bundle*

This bundle includes the following: 1 Moss Agate bowl, 1 Moss Agate Sphere, 1 Clear Quartz bracelet


Moss Agate: Is a very stabilising stone and is great for people that enjoy connecting with nature. Historically it has been used by midwives to assist the delivery and welcome new life into the world. This makes Moss agate a stone of new beginnings, perfect for anyone either going through change in their life or wanting change.


Clear Quartz: is a great general propose crystal to work with. As a programmable crystal it is suited for most tasks and is a common “go to” crystal for healers and readers alike. Clear quartz can enhance and amplify the energy of other crystals near it. They work very well in crystal grids and as a focal point for meditation.



Weight: 163g (rounded to 203g to allow for packing)


$50 AUD (plus shipping - see below):



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