Crystal - Okenite with Prehnite Specimen

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*Okenite with Prehnite Specimen*


Okenite: is a calming stone that increases your energy vibration, helping lessen nervous or hyper sensitive people. Okenite helps strengthen the connection to your higher self and supports manifestation. Okenite helps clears obstacles from your path, encouraging you end procrastination and to complete tasks. Okenite can help you see the bigger picture and gain a deeper understanding of why things are happening. Okenite is great for meditation or dreamwork. It can be used to cleanse all of the chakras.


Prehnite: is said to be a crystal to heal the healer. It's helpful for visualisation and directing the flow of energy. Meditating with this crystal helps you connect with higher dimensions. Prehnite encourages growth and forward movement on your spiritual journey. Placing Prehnite in a room with assist with any healing done there. Prehnite assists you with finding balance in your inner and outer world.


Weight: 275g (rounded to 350g to allow for packaging)


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