Crystal - Tourmilated Quartz Sphere

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*Tourmilated Quartz Sphere* (A combination of white quartz with black tourmaline inside)


Quartz: is a great general propose crystal to work with. As a programmable crystal it is suited for most tasks and is a common “go to” crystal for healers and readers alike. Quartz can enhance and amplify the energy of other crystals near it. They work very well in crystal grids and as a focal point for meditation.

Black Tourmaline: Is a great stone of protection. It helps block negative energy and attacks from all sources, internal and external. As a grounding stone it connects well with the base chakra, energising and cleansing it. Use during meditation, healing, or while doing readings to help stay grounded and in the moment.


Weight: 320g (rounded to 470g to allow for packaging)


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