EVENT - Tasmania Healing Retreat - 14-21 Feb 2020

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CURRENT SPACES REMAIN: <3> - Limit of 10 people.



14-21 Feb 2020 - live in - 7 nights



- 7 x nights accommodation (staying offsite options),

- basic food and meals,

- transfers to / from Hobart airport (not airfares, visas etc),

- attendance to all events and activities,

- group size kept small and intimate,

- full and supportive days - we accomplish a lot,

- fun, connection, creativity and compassion,

- plus, lots of one-on-one time with Lee-Anne and Cory - who are staying right there with you!

Special features of this retreat: making your own Divination Kit workshops. Releasing time. Receiving and relaxing with a Sound bath. Private reserve and secluded beach.
Experience the Pure and Pristine Island of Tasmania
This Retreat is confirmed.
Deposit is required to secure your space.
Rest payable by 14 January 2020.
Payment plan at your convenience - at least every 3 months.
A small and intimate group of no more than 10 people.
There is some wheelchair access - ask for details.
Bring your camera and journal for a trip to remember!


Tasmania, is a heart-shaped island and is the southern most state of Australia. The climate is temperate and the air the freshest you may have ever breathed. Tasmania is renowned for it’s brilliant GMO free flavour-full foods, it’s variety of country and coast, and it’s beaches and mountains. Tasmania is a place that will continue on in your memory as a slow moving, natural, cultural and inspiring landscape.


Lee-Anne & Cory are a happily married team who run Temple of Balance. Founded in 2005 by Lee-Anne, Temple of Balance is known for it’s highly intuitive and supportive events, thought-provoking books, inspiring artwork and motivating teachings! Lee-Anne & Cory are a dynamic team and will be supportive and focused hosts for this Tasmanian Healing Retreat - inspiring you to try new things and to heal in a supportive and honest environment. Their flexible, yet no none-sense approach will help you get back in touch with yourself, with nature and to recharge your batteries.


The Retreat is hosted at a playful school retreat / girl guide camp house at the private Roches Beach - just south of Hobart (about 15 minutes drive from Hobart Airport - 20 minutes drive from Hobart).
All rooms are 'camp style' with over 60 x single beds - most are fixed bunk beds (you can choose top or bottom bunk). The house is flat (no stairs) and boasts views of trees, flat landscape, an abundance of wildlife and privacy.
The secluded 'Roches Beach' is a short and flat walk away with private access - simply across the field and you are standing on the white sands of Roches Beach
The house has shared bathrooms with showers and toilets in cubicles. All up there are 7 x toilets and 6 x showers. There is a great size living space, a wood heater if it gets cool, lots of outside space to explore with a BBQ to use. Enjoy a morning or evening walk, watch the sunrise or moon-rise at the beach, bird or bunny watch, collect some special shells, go for a swim, take some photos of wildlife or just soak up the fresh mix of country and sea air! See some retreat House photos in this event's images.
This Tasmanian Healing Retreat includes: shared accommodation at the Roches Beach camp House, pick up / drop off at Hobart Airport, basic food and meals, access to all workshops, activities and more…


Day 1 - Fri 14 Feb - arrive, pick up from Hobart Airport & settle in.
Day 2 - Sat 15 Feb - WORKSHOP: MAKE YOUR OWN DIVINATION KIT - collect, choose, make, create.
Day 3 - Sun 16 Feb - WORKSHOP: MAKE YOUR OWN DIVINATION KIT - explore, understand, interpret, refine.
Day 4 - Mon 17 Feb - WORKSHOP: DIVINATION - ourselves & others - ethics, intuition, expression, messages, psychic skills.
Day 5 - Tues 18 Feb - RELEASING: Shamanic style
Day 6 - Wed 19 Feb  - SOUND HEALING: Crystal & sound healing day
Day 7 - Thu 20 Feb - OPEN DAY - decide as group.
Day 8 - Fri 21 Feb - tidy, departures, transport back to Hobart Airport at any time before 2pm.
Full detailed schedule below…


Pay in full and save 5%

All single bunk beds - your choice of top or bottom bunk.

OPTION 1 - PRIVATE ROOM – single bunk bed - you choose top or bottom - EARLYBIRD $1800 - Regular Ticket price $2200ea - earlybird prices end 14 Nov 2019 or when sold out. [up to 3 spaces remain]

OPTION 2 - SHARED – 2 - 4 people – friends / family – booking together - no individual bookings for shared room - organise with your companion before booking - single bunk beds EARLYBIRD $2700 for two (AU$1350ea) - Extras are $950pp up to 2 people extra - max 4p per room in total.  (e.g. 4 x people can book the same room - total due of $4600, which equals $1150pp) - Regular Ticket price $3500 for two - extras same as above - earlybird prices end 14 Nov 2019 or when sold out. [up to 3 spaces remain]

OPTION 3 - OWN ACCOMMODATION OFFSITE or MOTORHOME / CARAVAN / TENT ONSITE (unpowered) (options A,B or C - see below) – to be organised by attendee, not hosts - this booking option includes attendance to every activity at the retreat (unless you're not there) - basic food / meals - transport only if staying within 5min driving radius of venue  – EARLYBIRD $1150 - Regular Ticket price $1450ea - earlybird prices end 14 Nov 2019 or when sold out. [up to 3 spaces remain]

Please specify any special needs / requirements when booking, thank you.


Some people prefer to organise alternative accommodation that is more comfortable than a single bunk bed. If you have sleeping or body issues from beds this may be an option you consider.
There are three potential options here:
OPTION A - Book your own accommodation at the Foreshore Motel - link: https://www.booking.com/hotel/au/foreshore-tavern.html - Note: the fees, booking, dates etc are all up to you to organise, not your hosts.
If you stay at this venue you can be included in airport dropoff / pickup - if the dates and times match with the retreat times. This venue is close enough to the retreat that you can be picked up in the morning and dropped off at night. All retreat basic food / meals are included.
OPTION B - Organise a motor home / caravan / tent - There is space to park your motor home, caravan, pitch a tent etc. on site. These are unpowered. You must organise all costs involved with this (hiring, fuel etc), it is not the retreat hosts responsibility. You can still have access to bathrooms and all retreat basic food / meals. No linen, towels supplied.
OPTION C - Your own accommodation somewhere else - If accommodation is beyond a 5min drive radius from the retreat venue, you will need to organise your own transport to the retreat each day. Note: the alternative accommodation and transport fees, booking, dates etc are all up to you to organise, not the hosts. All retreat basic food / meals are included.


Pay in full - save 5%  - please email for details and to register - mail@templeofbalance.com or contact us with details HERE
Non-refundable deposit: AUD$400pp is due when booking to secure your space *NOTE: multi people booking, no matter accommodation option, will be required to pay AU$400ea deposit.
Rest payable at your convenience - all remaining monies must be settled by 14 January 2020. Please keep in contact - open communication is important to us.
We will be in touch on the 1st of each month with your current balance owing. We MUST hear from you at least every 3 months, otherwise we can assume you no longer intend to come to the retreat.
You can pay your AU$400 deposit on this webpage, or contact us for bank deposit details (Australians Only)


- Shared accommodation at (Malunna) The Retreat House, Roches Beach, Tasmania for 7 x nights - arriving Fri 14 Feb and departing on Fri 21 Feb. A mix of private and shared rooms available, with 4 x bathrooms to share (total cubicles of: 7 x toilets and 6 x showers). The Retreat House has a shared kitchen, laundry, and living area and other activities to do, as well as the beach close by. NOTE: Available only to those choosing accommodation options 1 or 2 above.
- Entry into the workshops and other activities outlined above - includes all materials.
- Transport to and from Hobart airport only. You can arrive at the Retreat House yourself - please inform hosts by Jan 22 of your intentions. NOTE: Available only to those people arriving / departing on the days specified.
- Food - basic - home cooked style meals. Any special needs / dietary requirements / craved foods will be your responsibility - trips to the local shop can be arranged. NOTE: we do not especially cater for vegans, vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free etc requirements. Although we provide fresh foods which may be eaten by such specifications, specialty / alternatives to what is available will not be provided for.
- Towels, linen and bedding (accommodation options 1 & 2 only)
- Learning, workshops and one-on-one time spent with your hosts Lee-Anne and Cory Peters.
- Use of Shamanic Hoop Drum (to borrow - some will be available to purchase for extra cost if desired).
- All meditations, rituals and ceremonies.


Optional - Accommodation - (accommodation option 3 only - see above)
Optional - Motorhome - (if choosing accommodation option 3B - see above)
- Airfares (domestic or international) are not included. Please arrive at HOBART AIRPORT (arrival available via Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane only).
- Travel visas and insurance are not included.
- Alcohol is not included and is not encouraged.
- Television is not available. Device use is encouraged to be kept to a minimum.
- Items of a personal nature, including; specialty foods, dietary requirements, bathroom items, snacks, alternative beverages etc.
- Special dietary needs - as outlined above, we do not especially cater for vegans, vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free etc requirements. Although we provide fresh foods which may be eaten, specialty / alternatives to what is available will not be provided for.
- Washing machine use - coin operated on site


Day 1 - Fri 14 Feb - arrive
Arrive - pick up from Hobart Airport anytime after 9am - settle in
Early risers start the day with a morning walk or meditation on the beach. Return back to the Retreat House for breakfast.
At around 10am Lee-Anne will begin our in-depth journey of creating our own individual Divination Kits. Over the months prior to the Retreat Lee-Anne and Cory will ethically source and collect small rocks, bones, shells and other items which will be added to each Divination Kit. 
Everyone will have the opportunity to 'mark' with a symbol, word, picture etc on at least one of the kit contents - which will be added to each bag. There will be opportunity to collect seeds, bark or other natural items from the area to add too.
You can select from various fabrics and sew your own sacred pouch for your Divination pieces - and we will be making our own 'mat' for actual divination.
This will be a very creative day which will bring us into connection with spirit, our intuition and each other.
After the workshop there will be time to integrate, relax, converse and enjoy dinner. Those who enjoy the later times of the day may enjoy some oracle cards or crystal playtime with Lee-Anne or Cory.
Start the day with some morning connection and explore the surroundings.
Then we dive into the continuation of Saturday's workshop. We will finish making - if required, and then work on exploring, defining, understanding and interpreting our Divination Kits and what everything it contains means. This will be done through exercises, observation, intuition, discussion and practice.
Our day will be full of intense discussion, brainstorming, listening and getting our Divination Kits as accurate and clear as possible.
We'll enjoy a shared lunch and a lovely dinner to end a great weekend of creating.
Lee-Anne or Cory will be hosting a quiet evening playtime or have a relaxing read before bed.
 Day 4 - Mon 17 Feb - WORKSHOP: DIVINATION
Begin the day when you're ready or start the day with some reflection and journal writing.
When we're all ready we will solidify the meanings of our Divination Kits, finish any last sections required, and then move into using our kits to read for ourselves, and others.
Lee-Anne will discuss ethics of reading for other people, and will teach you how to listen, use your intuition, express what you 'see' or 'sense',understand the messages you are receiving and explore your psychic skills and tools to help with interpretation.
This day will be about establishing a stronger connection and understanding with our sacred and self-made Divination Kit and how to work with them as tools to support our day-to-day needs, and work with them to help others - if that's our calling.
Enjoy a home-cooked buffet style meal and some evening activities upon which we decide together.

Day 5 - Tues 18 Feb - RELEASING & HEALING: Shamanic

Start the day with a nice stroll around the nature reserve to see the wild birds, possums, wallabies, and rabbits.
Around 10am we will start our releasing day. This will be a day which unfolds in accordance with the best way for the group to release. This is a very serious and sacred experience and will develop perfectly - it always does! We will be guided by the weather, feeling of the group, what we've been working on over the past few days and what inspires at the time.
This day is sacred, and you will be encouraged to practice times of silence and listening. Each person will have their time to share, express and release as required in a safe space - usually working with an element - like fire, water, wind or earth.
We will finish the day with many stories to tell, some lovely home made dinner to eat and after dinner will be the option of a drumming meditation, or an evening swim at the beach (weather permitting).
Day 6 - Wed 19 Feb - SOUND HEALING: Crystal & sound healing day
Begin the day in your own way or with some beach walking or some reflecting.
Using a variety of instruments like the: shamanic drum, wind gong, chakra chimes, singing bowls and new instruments Lee-Anne & Cory will create a beautiful sound healing bath experience for you. Lay back, let yourself receive - it will be a nourishing experience for you. Starts around 10am and will flow throughout the day. This is a popular day we've included for the past 5yrs of retreats. It is timely, nourishing and extremely healing as you relax and soak up what you need.
Enjoy a yummy home cooked meal at the retreat House for dinner to share over conversations of the day.
Optional reflections, play time, meditation and conversations with Lee-Anne or Cory in the evening.
Day 7 - Thu 20 Feb - open day
This is an open day for us all to decide as a group what to do… to relax perhaps, take a long beach walk and collect some shells, write, swim, meditate, celebrate and contemplate.
This will be our final full day of the Retreat and we will decide based on what others feel like and what the collective energy is directing - plus we always spend time in celebration.
We start our clean up and preparation to return back into our everyday lives as new beings.
Weather permitting our final evening may be enjoyed with some drumming outside around a fire after our final retreat dinner.
Day 8 - Fri 21 Feb - departures
This will be our morning of tidying, packing and departing from a memorable week.
Lee-Anne will drive people to the airport depending on flight times. We have to have vacated the retreat House by 10am. Final airport drop-off will be around 2pm. Earlier drop-offs can be anytime.
Those with a flight in the afternoon will wait out their time for flights with Lee-Anne and Cory at Richmond River or browsing Richmond Village - or somewhere else as inspired.  Learn more about Richmond Historic Town HERE
We reserve the right to cancel an attendee's ticket if they are experiencing a serious health condition or have been hospitalized up to 2 weeks before the start of the retreat. We are not trained medical professionals and reserve the right to refuse or cancel attendance if such an issue is of a concern to the hosts - whether there is approval from a doctor or not. Any concerns from you, or your hosts will be open for discussion. If this does occur then a full retreat refund is offered - but we are not responsible for airfares or other losses. If this applies to someone who is sharing accommodation with a friend / family member - the retreat refund (not including an extra expenses, airfares etc) will be extended to them too.


- For more information about this retreat, please see the relevant links or contact us at mail@templeofbalance.com
- Your deposit is non-refundable.
- After the deposit is paid you will be invited to begin payments of the remaining monies - all to be completely paid by 14 Jan 2020. - We will keep in touch around the 1st of every month with your balance.
- Weather is known to fluctuate - even in the summer months of Tasmania - please be ready for cool or hot weather in February. Average temperature for February is 21*c. Water temps are cold.
To get an idea about the retreats, please explore Lee-Anne's Blog from the Feb 2019 Retreat and attendee feedback HERE

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