Sacred Vision Quest & Healing in Tasmania - up to 5hrs

a personal one-on-one connection / day with Lee-Anne Peters
in person - in Tasmania, Australia
Pick up / drop off at Hobart airport or Sorell.
3 - 5 hours
This is a great opportunity to connect personally with Lee-Anne for your healing, awakening and journeying deeper into yourself. A Vision Quest is a great way to go on a journey into the pristine coastline and countryside of Tasmania, as Lee-Anne takes you to her favourite Sacred Place. This makes for the ideal setting to step out of your hurt and pain from the past and into the new parts of yourself and your life wanting to open up. You'll be encouraged to deeply release and reconnect.
LOCATION: Patterson's Arch - which trails from 'Devil's Kitchen' at Eaglehawk Neck, in Tasmania's South East. A nature walk along wild clifftops, looking out over the Tasman Sea to the east. Looking south, you will see Tasman Island. After Tasman Island only three thousand kilometres of the Great Southern Ocean is between you and Antarctica. The walk is on gravel, with some slope areas. Suitable for beginners willing to have a go to experienced hikers. Walk length  - 1hr return.
JOURNEY: Lee-Anne will pick you up and drop you off personally from either Hobart airport, or Sorell in Tasmania. From here you will both talk about any issues you're dealing with, your hopes for the healing day and anything else which is important. The journey to Eaglehawk Neck from here is around 40mins, one-way by car. During this time Lee-Anne will help prepare you for your healing time.
VISION QUEST / HEALING: Weather permitting you and Lee-Anne will spend 1-3hrs in Eaglehawk Neck, walking, talking, healing and connecting. Lee-Anne will bring one of her Shamanic Drums, and an extra for you to use if you like. She will hold the space for you for your healing, release and to receive your 'vision' - which to Lee-Anne means understand perspectives of yourself and your life which you may not have realised before. This time is extremely Sacred and Lee-Anne takes it very seriously. Once you both reach Patterson's Arch (about a 30min beautiful walk) - there is space for deep healing and release in the pristine and private depths of nature's wilderness. There are beaches nearby if time and motivation inspires a visit.
What will happen during your Sacred Vision Quest / healing?
It's hard to say. Lee-Anne has extensive experience and powerful intuition which will help guide the day and the energy being worked with. The weather, crossing paths with specific animals and other signs will all be instrumental in this journey. Lee-Anne's approach is very supportive, caring and compassionate. It's important to her that you feel comfortable to be yourself, which allows you to open up to the energy being stirred.
About Lee-Anne
Lee-Anne has been traveling to this sacred area for over 15yrs. Her and her husband married nearby on the cliffs of the Tasman Peninsular. She brings her Healing Retreat attendees here for their group vision quests, and visits regularly for her own personal questing. She's been doing healing work full-time for well over twelve years. Lee-Anne is extremely sensitive to energy and will help you in deep and often uncanny ways.
This healing day must be booked in advance. You can contact Lee-Anne to ensure that she is available for your date of visiting. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks notice - however longer is preferred.
This can and likely will be a life-changing experience. If you want to dive in deeply to your healing, experiencing it with a highly intuitive and capable healer in the wilderness of Tasmania - then this is the day for you.
After your booking, Lee-Anne will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable day, what you will need, and how to prepare for your healing day. Please make contact if you have any questions. Small group bookings considered. Email your ideas.
Bring a camera. Your journal. Comfortable walking shoes. A sun hat / or beanie. Jacket. A willingness to see yourself and your life with new eyes.

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