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Meditation Download - Bundle #9
Lee-Anne Peters
Includes: 8 x meditations (see list below)
Investment: AU$7.92 (99c x ea)
Over 135 minutes of meditation
A mix of Lee-Anne’s latest meditation varieties, all with a theme of helping cope with change.
All Lee-Anne’s meditations are guided intuitively with no scripting at all.
Awakening meditation -Log Cabin (gentle music) 13m16 B
Blue  meditation - Connect with Archangel Michael & water (gentle music) 16m18s A
Change meditation - Inspiring visit to the mountain (gentle music) 19m09s B
Cicada meditation - A journey  into the garden -(gentle music)  16m12s A
Dove meditation - peace and calm - (gentle music) 16m45s B
I AM Essence meditation -A journey within - a Galaxy within (gong & chimes) 14m05s A
Protection meditation - shield of protection (gong) 18m04s B
Raven meditation - A journey to different land_(gentle music) 22m02s A
Please note: number reference is for administration purposes
B = Beginner suitable (and advanced)
A = More suitable for moderately experienced meditators
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