Sound Healing - digital

Sound Healing Digital Download mp3 tracks
Lee-Anne Peters
Includes: 3 x sound-only tracks (see list below) and 1 x spoken introduction.
Cost: AU$9.99
Over 75 minutes of sound.
Featuring the Chakra Chimes, Shamanic Drum and Wind Going.
1. Introduction with Lee-Anne - spoken - 5m46s
2. Sound - Shamanic Drum - 39m32s
3. Sound - Chakra Chimes - 20m30s
3. Sound - Wind Gong, Chakra Chimes and Shamanic Drum - 20m44s
    This is a great group of tracks to support; getting to sleep, relaxation, healing or meditation.
    All instruments are played personally by Lee-Anne on, or before 25 Feb 2021. This bundle is released to celebrate Temple of Balance's 16th Birthday!

    This sound healing bundle will be emailed personally to you within 48hrs of purchase. Please check your paypal email account within the next 2 days.
    Thank you.

    Collections: Meditation

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