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Join Lee-Anne and Cory Peters from Temple of Balance for this Meet & Greet event in Sydney on Wed 30 Jan 2019.
This is a public casual gathering, you are welcome to come and go at no cost.
It's at Sydney Park in St Peters, NSW - the exact meeting spot at the park will be released the day prior - on Tues 29 Jan by mid afternoon.
Come along for a chat, book a one-on-one drumming time with Lee-Anne, come along to our open Cleansing Ceremony at 11.30am or grab yourself a Temple of Balance product.


- When: Wednesday 30 January 2018

- Where: Sydney Park, 416 Sydney Park Rd, NSW

- Exact location in the Park: TBC the afternoon of Tues 29 Jan.

- Times: 10am - 1pm (show up for as long or short amount of time during that window).

- Exchange: Free - small exchange if you want some personal drumming time with Lee-Anne, or a Temple of Balance product.

- One-on-one Drumming with Lee-Anne: occurring throughout the event. Book your time on this webpage. More details on this offering below.

- Cleansing Ceremony: Starts at 11.30am, duration is 15-20mins. Free. More details on this offering below.

- Please Bring (optional): picnic blanket or picnic chair, water.


Temple of Balance Products:

A small range of Temple of Balance products will be available at this event. Card decks - including Lee-Anne's latest Animal Kingdom Oracle, some books and a few other small items. No large items. We can only accept cash on the day.


Cleansing Ceremony

At 11.30am this ceremony will begin - please aim to be there at least 10mins earlier if you intend to participate. This is a free circle including some smudging time, intentions set and some drumming (please bring your own drum too if you have one).

Lee-Anne will guide the energy through, and finish up extending the heightened energy around our planet and into the earth.

Duration of Ceremony: 15-20mins.

All welcome.


One-on-one Drumming with Lee-Anne information:

Lee-Anne will have her favourite Shamanic Hoop Drum with her and she feels inspired to connect with those who are also inspired to connect one-on-one.

She will drum over your body to help you clear, release, ground as well as energise. Lee-Anne will connect with you for this healing time, talk you through anything she senses and trust her intuition with what you may need at the time.

The drum is a powerful healing tool and can be felt quite physically through the body.

Exchange for this service is $45.

Time available for each session is 15mins - no less.

There are limited spaces available. Pre Bookings only on this website or via email.

Please book your space and time on this page.(see drop down menu near cart)

You are welcome to double book, back to back spaces if you'd like to connect longer and for a more in depth connection.

DRUMMING SESSION TIMES (see drop down option in cart):

10am - available

10.20am - available

10.40am - available

noon - available

12.20pm - taken

12.40pm - available


We would LOVE to connect with you briefly or for some time on this day.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.

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