Event - 12hr Healing Journey

Join Lee-Anne Peters from Temple of Balance for this online 12hr deep and intensive Healing Journey (marathon).
STARTS: Thurs 4th February at 10am and concludes at 10pm.
- Sydney time - GMT+11 - find your timezone below.
Join in on the day, or later at your convenience.
To participate you can join for the actual 12hrs, or you may prefer to work with the videos and healing energy over a few days, weeks or months at your own pace. The recordings will be available anytime after 4th February, for as long as I'm on YouTube.
From Monday the 4th of January 2021, I had a strong and clear feeling that this upcoming 12hr Healing Event's theme needed to simply be HEART. Heart energy encompassed a lot - so we have much to explore in the wonderful 12hrs we will have available. We will likely explore LOVE, self LOVE, LOVE for life, strength of heart etc. Right now, this energy of HEART feels independent, strong and foundational.
This healing journey will be recorded via HD video. Lee-Anne will share the videos directly with you via a You Tube private playlist just for attendees. Videos will appear on the playlist throughout the dedicated 12hr healing time.
Lee-Anne will personally start this event 2hrs earlier, so she can go through the healing / ceremony / sharing / travel / record / save / upload videos etc for you to then connect with. Lee-Anne is fully embodying and diving into this experience with you. She will be completely and 100% devoted to this experience.
What this healing journey will look like is unknown at this time, for Lee-Anne will completely trust in its unfolding. Each segment will be recorded individually for easy access. Some videos will be 5mins in length, others may be an hour. There will be at least 8 x recordings via video of varying lengths for you to connect with.  (note: our previous healing journey like this in November 2020, ended up with 18 x videos included - see more details of this particular one HERE - this will help give you an idea of what may happen - with full playlist).
Lee-Anne's intention is to; check in, create a healing ceremony, discuss, share, drum, chime, create, play the singing bowl, spend time in nature (at beach, rainforest or bush - depending on weather and inspiration) etc during the whole 12hr time span. All will be governed by the energy, weather and what is stirred up and focused on.
It won't be a solid 12hrs straight of recording, but more like waves and phases of connection in between eating, contemplating and digesting the energy generated. Lee-Anne will be completely focusing on this healing marathon during the times specified.
If you have obligations during the date and times of this event, you can focus your 12hrs on another day which is more convenient to you, or over several days.
The healing journey may include (in no particular order):
- OPENING: an opening / welcoming message with smudging.
- HEALING ART: created specifically for this healing event to help give us a focus, stir up energy and prompt us into where we need to go. Creating during video with open-hearted sharing of the creation. May be included.
- DRUMMING: at some stage, as Lee-Anne is inspired, there will be a drumming dedicated video.
- SOUND HEALING: Lee-Anne will use her chakra chimes, wind gong or singing bowls for further healing and support during this journey
- THOUGHTS: Lee-Anne will sit and share her thoughts and reflections as she travels through this healing journey alongside you.
- CLOSING: to thank, reflect and talk about how to work with what has come forth.
- SURPRISE: Other things Lee-Anne may be inspired to do like: journey into nature, working with the elements, meditation, writing a song / chant etc.
- HEART THEME: Much of what will be shared during this healing event will be linked in with the HEART energy, or what it inspires.
Basically there are no rules because it will depend very much on how and where the healing journey is leading.
Lee-Anne is a powerful intuitive healer and will completely trust in the flow of this event. All that can be said is that it will be powerful, deep, confronting, potentially life-changing, empowering, healing and transformative. Lee-Anne has been actively focused on her self-healing for over 21yrs, and has been doing her healing work with others full-time via Temple of Balance for almost 16yrs.
Participate as deeply as you're willing to.
AIM: Lee-Anne's aim is to openly and honestly explore, connect and heal at further depths than ever before. She will do this by fully participating, pushing through resistance and exploring through the tools she knows and allowing new ones to develop if required. Lee-Anne will share this as vulnerably, honestly and candidly as she can.


Theme: HEART

- When: Thu 4 February 2021

- Time: 10am - 10pm

- Find your timezone: Worldclock LINK

- Duration: around 12hrs

- Where: via private video playlist on YouTube - direct video links sent during the event itself. HD videos.

- Exchange: AU$99 (approx USD$76 - approx GBP56) - or AU$89 (approx USD$69) for Pillar of Light Family. (AU$10 refunded after purchase)

this is a one-off event


***NOTE: Pillar of Light Family - As an active Pillar of Light Family Member upon registering, you will receive a AU$10 discount - refunded after purchase. Or contact us privately to make payment. To join our family, please see here

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Recent healing marathon feedback:
J.M. - 13 Aug 2020 - "OH.MY.GODDESS!!!!! That was INSANE!!!!! To think I almost missed out! I was able to follow it ‘liveish’ for most of the day, then other things came up, but I’ve just finished the last video (which I’ve watched twice already, & also loved being able to ‘rewind the tapes’ themselves a lil bit.) I was determined not to sleep until I had finished, so that I could stay as close to the connection as possible. Oh that fire, holding hands with everyone else! So I’m thrilled that I was able to keep up, keep my journal going, keep ‘life stuff’ going and ..... it was simply amazing ..... AND, T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U so very, very much. I just can’t put much into words at the moment about how extremely grateful I am to you Lee-Anne for that mind blowing experience. Gobsmacked!"

B.M. - 13 Aug 2020 - "Joining the chorus, singing with you, unleashing my unique interpretation, singing out loud during the daylight hours -here in Norways summer days are sooo looong- at this moment inspired by your lyrics-storming."

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