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Healing Energy Cards: Tools to help you Self Heal on all levels!
Illustrated & written by Lee-Anne Peters
- first released in June 2008 -
This edition (2nd) is now sold out.
UPDATE 20 April 2021 - Reprinting plan.... This deck is scheduled for another print run. It will tie in with the release of my new Healing Energy Cards 2 - that will be two x Healing Energy Cards decks.
This original deck will contain cards 1-55, and the new deck will contain cards 56-110. Keep an eye out on my Healing Energy Cards Facebook page for updates, upgraded cards and to meet the new cards.
At this stage we cannot open pre orders, we don't know fixed retail price yet and we cannot give you any release date.
My estimation is that release will be around mid 2022.
Stay updated on my plan, schedule and personal deadlines in this regularly updated article here.
Lee-Anne Peters
Healing Energy Cards contain 55 hand-drawn cards and an info card that are FULL of healing energy! These cards can help facilitate your healing on ALL levels – physical, emotional, mental & karmic - they can also activate your energy field to higher frequencies.

Healing Energy Cards were created by Author, Artist & Healer Lee-Anne Peters who says “these cards are so easy-to-use and can help positively change your life.”

Use your cards as a therapy tool, for meditation, readings, relax with them and more. Based on Art Therapy – Healing Energy Cards will evolve with you!

If you desire to heal those old deep wounds, let go of the past, balance your emotions, clear your mind, be reminded of your life’s mission and so much more – then these highly energetic cards may be just what you have been looking for.

Get back in charge with Healing Energy Cards!

Author / Artist: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 2008, 2012, 2014
Current Edition: 2nd (sold out) - 3rd ed of original deck coming soon.
Price: TBC (plus shipping - see below)
Weight: 272g (total 295g with packaging)
ISBN: 9780987070883
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance
Card Count: 55
Booklet: info card - eBook optional extra - see below
Box: 1 x part - tarot style - opens one end
Card Size: w: 9.5cm x h: 14.5cm
Special Features: Contains a lot of palpable healing energy
Companion eBook: Available for a small exchange HERE
Resolution Spread  - to reveal a resolution for a current issue / problem trying to deal with.
Intimacy Spread - to help us understand our current thoughts / issues around intimacy and how to improve this area of our life.
'Please Help Me' Spread - to support, offer alternatives to consider, perspective shifts and reassurance during times of direct turmoil, stress or uncertainty.


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